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Jessica68 asks:

I’m 15. Okay, so I do swimming squad, and sometimes it’s embarrassing wearing bathers, cause of pubic hair. I don’t know how to get rid of it. Like once I was at my friends house, and she is obsessed with sex, so she watches porn, and I saw some too, and the women have no pubic hair whatsoever! And I get really bothered about that. I mean, what if I’m going to have sex with a guy, and he’s like “Eww, you’re all hairy. That is disgusting?” I’m really scared about that. If you can help, it would be great! Thanks!

Sam W replies:

Oh, pubic hair. One of those subjects that, when brought up, generally kick-starts a furious debate about which option (shaved, trimmed, left alone) is the most attractive, the most empowered, the most hygienic, etc. And, depending on how much you follow this debate, you may end up feeling like no matter choice you make, it is somehow the “wrong” one.

So, lets get this clear now: whether or not you decide to shave/wax/otherwise groom your pubic hair is completely up to you. Both in terms of what makes you feel comfortable physically (e.g you find one less itchy than the other) and what makes you feel best mentally. Just like you get to make all those same, open choices about what you do with the hair on your head.

Pubic hair is just another part of your body and one that you get to manipulate or leave be as you wish, anytime.

A word about bathing suits and pubic hair. If you’re someone who finds that your hair isn’t completely covered by your bathing suit bottom, you may feel like your groin is surrounded by flashing neon lights reading:

"Now Appearing: Pubes!"

But, in all honesty, other people are probably only noticing them barely or not at all (especially since the same is probably true for them and their pubic hair). For real. Keeping that in mind may help you feel more comfortable.

If you’re still not super comfortable with how prominent your pubic hair is, but you don’t want to deal with shaving, you can always try out a swimsuit with “boy cut bottoms,” as they provide more coverage in that area.

Now, onto your bigger worry that having pubic hair will cause a future partner to be disgusted by you. There’s a few parts of that worry that I’d like to address.

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Lessons Learned From Menstruation Pop Quizzes While Being Intersex

Hey, there, Autostraddlers. Looking at me now, what do you see?


Well, okay, don’t look at The Wild Thing.

I mean, if we were passing each other on the street and you saw me. How would you read me?

Before you could even…


just a few of the signs we made today for our rally on april 24 starting at 8:30AM! thanks to everyone who came out. 

(via rathersquare)

An incredibly smart and inspiring open letter from a young activist. Well said, Madison. 


Not all trans people want surgery
Not all trans people want to take hormones
Not all trans men like women
Not all trans women like men
Not all trans people are romantically/sexually interested in others
Some trans folk like to cross-dress opposite of the gender they identify with
All kinds of people have their own definition of what is and isn’t masculine and feminine and even then they don’t always stick within those lines
Every trans person has their own definition of transgender/transexual that reflects who they are and their experiences
You do not get to define what being trans is for someone else

A great article on being non-binary and bisexual, with a fabulous side of education on how “y’all” is a great word more queers should embrace!