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High Fives for Feminism!(revamped) by Midge Blitz

Coming very soon to the shop in all the glorious forms of stickers, prints, and pocket mirrors!

Feminism & high-fives: a winning combination.

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One of the BEST ad campaigns about representation I have seen.

Everyone has a backbone. Use yours.

"Realize words have impact - even if you don’t see it."

A simple concept, but so very important. Language really does matter.

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In NYC, Project Voice works to reduce abortion stigma, and in Toronto, Andrew Lamb adds characters such as She-Re and the Sailor Scouts to Neighborhood Community Watch signs.

(Clearly one of these is a bit more tongue-in-cheek than the other, but it’s nice to see public art that’s fun as well as work that’s more serious.)


Our guide to the menstrual cycle, newly updated and illustrated!

We saw some other folks were using Shark Week as a way to kick-off a conversation about menstruation, now seems like a good time to bring this back.


Today, Twitter was inundated with urges to Please Talk. This happens every few months, often at a time when poor mental health has affected someone in the public eye, and resulted in tragedy. Spurred on by the tragedy of the event, masses of people surge towards Twitter to express…

This is a very important point.  When we talk about mental illness and urge people to seek help, we need to also be taking steps to make sure there is accessible, good quality available to them.

Because lying to your kids about sex helps nobody. Telling them that sex is “only between mommies and daddies” is a lie that leads to confused, hormone charged teenagers. Telling them that sex is “only something that happens when two people love each other very much” is a lie that causes hormone charged teenagers to confuse “love” with “lust,” or “obsession.” It leads to leaps of logic like, “If I have sex with them, we must be in love.” Or worse- “If I love them, I have to have sex with them.” And how many teenage tragedies are based on that misconception?



Yepp, it’s Shark Week, so we’re talking about periods! Here’s a refresher on how you should be using your menstrual products:

Most people use pads, tampons, or menstrual cups to collect their period flow and protect their clothes from stains. You can buy pads and tampons in most…