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We — and you! — did it! 


We met the minimum goal we needed to to avoid a strike and having to shut down any of our services.  A strike will now NOT be happening.

We can’t thank the 1,000+ of you enough who have given a donation to help us do this, and who have made it possible for all the young people who need and use our services to keep on using them without interruption. same goes for all of you who retweeted, reblogged, wrote appeals and invested your time and energy and heart into helping us do this.  We appreciate all of you so much.

Better still? A generous donor who wants Scarleteen to have more than the minimum to work with, and do what they can to get us past surviving and into thriving, has offered up a $10,000 match for all donations given from April 15th to May 1st! So, anything you give now through May 1st will be matched, dollar for dollar, for up to $10,000 worth. If we can meet that whole match, that would shuttle us well out of our current crisis and into a better position financially than we have ever been.  Thanks so much to everone who has already given to support us; thanks to you in advance for your gift, too!


The Interface Project is a series of videos in which intersex people from around the world share their stories. The project aims to improve the understanding and awareness of intersex conditions, and to spread the message that “no body is shameful”. 

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GET PUMPED! The Awkward Sex Party is going to be awesome and its only a week and a half away. Thanks Downfall Arts for these awesome promotional cards! 

According to the UN only 25 per cent of women with disabilities are in the global workforce.
Literacy rates for women with disabilities globally may be as low as one per cent.
Mortality rates among girls with disabilities are much higher than for boys.
Women with disabilities face significantly more difficulties in attaining access to adequate housing, health, education, vocational training & employment, & are more likely to be institutionalized. They also experience inequality in hiring, promotion & equal pay, access to training & retraining, credit & other productive resources.
According to the UN disabled women rarely participate in economic decision making.


10 LGBT Women Kicking Ass in Politics Worldwide


Last week, I wrote about Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir, the former Icelandic prime minister who was the first out LGBT person in the world to be elected a nation’s head of state. When I was writing it, I realized that Sigurðardóttir had had this…

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So can we stop treating teen activists as freaks to be ogled, and pitch in with their causes instead? Can we stop acting like teens are totally vapid and incapable of contributing anything useful to society, culture, and criticism? Because teens are all around us and they are driven, smart, passionate, and so much more—if only adults bothered to take a minute to actually see them, instead of focusing on what we think we know about them. While we were all teens once, we often seem to forget that in our hurry to smack down the next generation.

There are some amazingly awesome folks working tumblr hard on our behalf right now, boosting the signal about our need for support and filling others in on what we offer.  We so deeply appreciate your efforts and care: thank you!

An awesome article by Maddie of Autostraddle.