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On a work trip I took a few weeks ago, I was at a higher end hotel that is patronized mostly by older professionals. I stayed there a few days and took particular notice of how cordial the front desk staff was. Smiles, stupid jokes, holding the door open, the whole shabang. On the day of my departure, I approached the desk and requested a shuttle to the airport. I was shocked to be met with a scolding and condescending lecture about how the shuttle was not available because I had not notified them in advance (regardless of the fact that when I was being picked up from the airport, they did not require a shuttle reservation). With a finger wag and a frown, the staff told me that I would have to make another arrangement. As I walked to the other side of the lobby to call a cab, I faintly overheard one clerk make a comment about irresponsible kids.

Irresponsible kids? How is it irresponsible to assume that I just need to ask for a shuttle when that is what I did on my way in? And even if it was irresponsible of me, it is not the front desk’s job to scold me for my mistake as if I am their child and not an adult customer. I expect the same courtesy that was being given to all of the other guests, every single one of which was visibly older, who visited their hotel.

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