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September 26th is World Contraception Day. Yay! We love contraception THIS MUCH. We love the potential ability for everyone to always be able to decide if and when they’re going to become or be part of a pregnancy; if and when they do or don’t create a family, if and when reproduction is going to be part of their sexual lives. 

We’d love it even more if that kind of agency and access was a reality for every single person on the planet.

Today, help yourself to some of our content on contraception:

Birth Control Bingo!

Or, you can go right to each page for any available methods (sparing vasectomy and tubal ligation, pages and methods coming to the list soon!):

Cervical Barriers (Diaphragms and Cervical Caps)

Combined Oral Contraceptives (The Pill)


the Contraceptive Implant (Implanon)

the Contraceptive Patch

Depo-Provera (The Shot)

Emergency Contraception (Plan B or the Morning-After-Pill)

Fertility Awareness (FAM)

Intrauterine Devices (IUD, IUC or IUS)

NO Pregnancy Risks (Outercourse)

Progesterone-Only Oral Contraceptives (Minipills)


the Sponge

the Vaginal Ring (Nuvaring)


And more!

The Buddy System: Effectiveness Rates for Backing Up Your Birth Control With a Second Method

Condom Basics: A User’s Manual

Your Map to the Condom Aisle

How do birth control pills really work, even during the placebo period?

Where did that sheet go?

Hey, Boyfriend! (Cis) Male Reproductive Choices

Get With the Flow: All About FAM

Still want more? (So greedy! Good for you!) You can use the search function at our site to find much more, or use our tags, for birth control contraception, or any individual method you want more information about. And by all means, if you’ve questions you want to ask directly about contraception, how to use it, how and where to get it, we’re always standing by at our message boards or SMS service and are glad to help you out.

RH Reality Check always does a bangup job with this day, and this week, there are already several excellent pieces over there, including from IPPF, Robin Marty, Martha Kempner and more, so we suggest them as a great next stop today.

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