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We keep getting users over the last couple years who are using a combined hormonal birth control method, but also still seem to think they do or will have normal ovulation cycles while using those methods.

For example, "Oh, gawd, I use the pill but I had sex and I’m sure this was during my ovulation time! Do I need Plan B?"

But if you’re using those methods properly? You don’t ovulate.

(And you don’t need to use Plan B, because the method you already use is already doing everything Plan B does and more.)

Those combined methods work in three ways, by suppressing ovulation (and changing your cycle throughout all of each method pack or cycle to do that), thickening cervical mucus and thinning uterine lining.  So again, if you’re using your BC method properly, you’re not ovulating: one big way these methods work is to keep that from happening, through all of each cycle.

Don’t believe me?  Chart for a cycle or two, every day, using cervical mucus and/or basal temperatures. Then compare that chart to sample charts you can easily find online from people who are ovulating.  You’ll be able to easily see that those charts are like night and day, and that you aren’t seeing what those folks are.

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    This is an incredibly common question. When used correctly, hormonal birth control methods are effective every day of...
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    Yep. if you want to realize that ovulation has symptoms, quit taking the pill for a month. O_O You will also learn that...
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    THANK YOU I don’t know how many times I’ve had to explain this
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    Seriously guys, the “white pill week” is not a real period! The bleeding is caused by withdrawal from the medication....
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    this is good to know. but even still,ALWAYs use a condom!!
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