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You are afraid you might be pregnant. You may even be 110% convinced that you are. But you’re not.

You just didn’t do or weren’t part of any of the things that can cause a pregnancy. Or perhaps you did have a real risk by being part of the things that can actually pose those risks, but you’ve since had menstrual periods and negative pregnancy tests: you had a possible risk of pregnancy, but you didn’t actually become pregnant.

We get at least a few users in our direct services every day convinced they are or will shortly become pregnant when they just can’t be, or won’t be, or have every evidence a person can possibly have to know that they did not become pregnant.  We talk with users in these situations to try and help them get to the bottom of persistent or irrational pregnancy fears and find out what’s really up: their fear may not be about a real pregnancy, but persistent pregnancy fears are always about something. We’ve found some common threads that usually lie beneath, and until or unless someone deals with whatever that real deal is, those fears just tend to hang on as tight as Dorothy in a Kansas tornado.

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