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-Exes are exes for a reason.

-Someone who is constantly thinking about their ex and comparing you to their ex during sex is a bad sex partner and a bad fit for you.

-To take that a step further, “My ex was into ______ sex act you don’t like, if you really loved me you’d do it, too” is a nasty sexual pressuring tactic and should be given short shrift however you fill in that blank, because that’s how bad, coercive partners behave.

-There is no ultimate & progressive Menu of Sex Acts, where sex with a new person must encompass everything you have ever done in your life to date + everything they have ever done in their life to date in order to be enjoyable, legitimate, hot, etc.

-Some people have very complex sex lives that require extensive production design and stage management (A costume budget! Perhaps membership in a club! The cultivation of a discreet and efficient dry cleaner!) Due to sheer logistics, safety concerns, and (fortunately!) a culture of explicit prior negotiation and consent, dedicated kinksters are unlikely to make assumptions about your desires or spring theirs upon you unawares. In order to get their needs met, they HAVE to bring them up directly and negotiate them explicitly.

-Most people are very capable of mixing, er, genres. There are some people who like only Cerebral Foreign Movies With Female Leads or Darkly Suspenseful British Crime Dramas but most of us can interrupt our marathon of the original Prime Suspect reruns with the occasional Buddy Cop Comedy With Impressive Torsos and Unrealistic Acts of Kicking Things.

-Speaking of genres, knowing what kind of wank-material someone reads or watches tells you little or nothing about what they actually enjoy doing, so please put aside the worry that your sweethearts all *really* want to be kidnapped by gay hobbit pirates who are really brothers and also wizards and who all speak in the voice of Benedict Cumberbatch.
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