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Uh, FEMALE condom? That’s a pretty cis-centric name, yo.

I know, right? We agree: the name isn’t super inclusive, or even accurate. While the female condom is designed to be worn in the vagina, not all folks with vaginas identify as female. Also, female condoms can actually be used inside…

We get questions like this a lot, so in the interest of making sure you and everyone else understand your pill as best you can, let me explain how the pill works and thus, why it works just the same during the placebo period (the time you take or have the inactive pills) as it does during the other three weeks of your pill cycle.

Your menstrual cycle doesn’t just happen when you menstruate. Your period is one part of a complex ebb and flow of hormonal, physiological and emotional patterns called the reproductive or menstrual cycle. One way to see the big picture is with a method called Fertility Awareness.


How well is your birth control working? Is there something better you can get? Check out our handy chart.

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According to WHO guidelines, trained nurses, midwives, and public health workers can provide contraceptive methods like condoms, spermicides, the pill, the patch, the ring, and the contraceptive shot.

Also in order to get any form of birth control (besides the IUD)…