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Buy these posters and find more from the amazing Repeal Hyde Art Project!

They are so amazing and speak so many truths - when I have my own clinic I’m going to put all of them up on the walls.  So beautiful!

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I’ve gotten messages before that basically boil down to “shut up and sex educate” when posting about things like racism, but it really is a reproductive justice issue.

In adoption, there are always questions of reproductive choice and the potential for coercion. There are the overlapping issues of unplanned pregnancy, of infertility, of family formation for non-heteronormative families, of the rights of a pregnant person and of a child. There are families being created, and families being separated – and people adapting to new, lifelong identities in these roles altered by adoption. And much of this happens, more often than not, with a sense of limited opportunity for the pregnant person, socioeconomic and financial disparities at play, and a long shadow of stigma and secrecy shrouding it all. This is at the core of reproductive justice: how do we support all people in creating the families that they want in their lives? Adoption must be central to this conversation.

"I want in": Bringing adoption into reproductive justice

Economic coercion of low-income pregnant people, the political coercion we see tearing Native families apart, social coercion from the stigma perpetuated on all sides against single parents (historically and present-day), and the…I don’t know what to call it - imperialist coercion? of parents from other countries.

It’s time to start talking about it.